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Updates 1/31

January/February 2018


Winter NAMM was a successful trip! I was mobile, with assistance from a scooter on my last day there. Traffic on the upper floors was busy, less so in Hall E down below. I noticed that some pedal makers who used to be in E sprung for the more expensive spread upstairs.

Re the 2N5457 and J201 JFETs: I will still be able to supply modest quantities of NOS, brand-name parts in TO-92 for some time. That said, supplies of good parts on the broker market have gotten tight. Accordingly, I have added a SOT-23 to TO-92 "Surfboard" adapter, SKU 0714. The SMD MMBF5457 is now in stock, and the MMBFJ201 will follow soon.

"Twinkie/A-size" box builders: I have set a licensing agreement with Chase Bliss Audio for the "Tall Twinkie" that they originated. Stock coming for Spring.