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Updates 4/4

April 2018


I bought a large lot of top-quality, old-stock, mostly European-made film capacitors at a very favorable price. We have begun to market these, some as individual parts and others in kits. They are proving popular, so do check them out.

Also to note: We have Fuzz Face pairs made from the inimitable only-at-Small Bear NPN "Flat Hat" devices. Expensive, but worth it.

Where you need thin, easy-to-route shielded wire for internals, try our new RG-178, SKU 0510C.

I'm sure that you have noticed our growing presence on social media. For this, thank my assistants, Adriano, Kevin and Katherine. They are fluent with this stuff; I have had a lot to do just learning to use my new LG smartphone. I think I have not done badly for an old bear (70 at month end).



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