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Updates 8/20

August 2018


Dear Friends and Customers:

Re the tariffs on goods from China, please note: We have been hit with 25% on a recent shipment of potentiometers. If this policy continues, we will be forced to raise prices on all of our imported items as we replenish stock.

With the cooperation of E-H, we are happy to make our Cave the go-to place for spare pots and other OEM bits for many E-H pedals.


We have hit the limit of our existing storage space and need to make room. My idea is to reduce inventory of the imported colored enclosures, bulk up on unpainted, undrilled stock and have our partners (All-Pedal, Disaster Area and Pedal Parts) do small lots for us of the value added stuff. You'll see this play out in coming months. Meanwhile, grab the bargains in Featured Products.



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